Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sun TechDays 2009, Effort Overrun

Part 1: Technology Comments – Sun Techdays 2009 Hyderabad

Sun TechDays 2009 was conducted at Hyderabad from February 18’2009 to February 20th’2009. As per estimates, around 10000 Professionals and Students attended the session. This is conducted at HICC, a great convention center of International Standards. The ambience itself is excellent. This is third year in sequence the event is being conducted at this location. I had an opportunity to be a part of this for all the three years.

This year the theme is totally focused on JavaFX, the new RIA tool launched by Sun Microsystems Ltd., in competition to Adobe Flash/AIR and Microsoft Silverlight. I would suggest the following link for experimenting with JavaFX if you are a good Java Developer.


This exercise is an excellent start and gives a good feel for learning JavaFX especially the code being deployed on a mobile platform.

Visit by James Gosling, Father of Java and seeing him in person awed the crowd at the event.

I was personally elated as this time one of my team member Soby Chacko was a speaker for a session on IDM. He did a great job. Please visit


to know more about him.

I was really surprised by the capability the young generation of college students are picking up. Some students raised good questions on SQL Injection at MySQL sessions.

Also please see


for some nice pictures and videos.

Overall my impression on the Technical content was average during Sun TechDays’2009 and could be improved in terms of tracks addressing different communities with more structured flow of information.

One final point – Serving Food model needs to be improved. Instead of free floating food, packed food could be served against Identity Cards and this would result in comfort eating by the Delegates.

Part 2: Management Areas – Effort

This is in continuation of Quantitative measures. For every task assigned, one needs to know the actual hours allocated for execution and completion of the task. Again I go back to school days where we all learnt this philosophy of Time and Work. Estimating hrs required is a challenging job and it changes from work to work and industry to industry. So whatever industry you are in, try to understand how work hours are estimated and master the process of estimating techniques. Once the hours are estimated for task completion, these are monitored as the work is executed and compared with actual hours spent. The gap results in a metric which is popularly known as “Effort Overrun or Effort Underrun”. The Effort management is a very key aspect in any task management as this will determine the Profit and Loss nature of work executed. In comparison with Schedule Overrun (Please see my earlier blog) Effort Overrun has a greater impact on Task Profitability.

Part 3: General – Fun Events at Sun TechDays 2009

Day 1:

I always used to ponder how the real fashion shows would be while I was watching them on Television Telecasts. I had an opportunity to witness a live Fashion Show at Sun Tech Days 2009. Being a Sun Employee, I had the chance to be seated in the first few rows. It was a different experience and for a while I felt that I was in placed in Page 3 crowd.
Also during the event, three young kids performed on Guitar, Drums and Keyboard. They did a great job.
Watch the videos at


Day 2:

On Day 2, there was a Dance Show and the Anchor did a great job by involving the crowd with various gimmicks and ensured that people swayed with him. However it had to be cut short due to over excitement of the crowd which was resulting in the seats getting damaged.

See you till my next blog....

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