Thursday, February 26, 2009

Training Effectiveness

Part 1: Technology

Nothing today

Part 2: Assessing Training Effectiveness

I have attended many discussions and debates on this subject. Always the message I got was that it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of a training programme. I beg to differ with this message because I feel that every training program has a theme to be communicated. So the best way to assess the effectiveness is to check whether the message has reached the intended audience. So what I suggest is that at the end of every training session, one should conduct an objective type assessment test to attendees. The assessment should primarily focus on the content that was presented to the attendees. I suggest that we apply a simple thumb rule to assess the effectiveness – “If 70% of people have scored 100%, then the message has reached the audience. Anything less than 70% implies that either faculty was not good or participants were not capable to assimilate the topic.”

Part 3: General – Fun

While I was driving to office today, I was listening to the song – “Saathi Haath Badhana” from the movie Naya Daur. I liked the theme which communicates team effort and what results it could achieve. You can see the video version here:

Link to the Video

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